updates from the transition committee

     Our transition time has given us the chance to review the riches of the past and to express our hopes for the future, including the opportunity to reclaim our living faith.

Our Transition Team

Co-Chairs: Scott Isaksen, Jane Pigut

Interim Rector: Father Julian Eibin

Team: Jan Bos, Pat Burgess, Lance Crawford, David Calaiacovo, Tom Morrow, Kendra Preteroti, Bev Rice, Jim Stillman

Prayer for a New Rector:

During the season of Pentecost, we thank you Lord for the gift of the Holy Spirit.  That Spirit has been our guide in all we have discerned to prepare our call for a new rector.  Lord, now give us the wisdom and vision to find the right person from those who will answer our call, knowing that you also will open the heart and mind of the one who will best serve our needs at St. Mark's.  For great is the strength and comfort for those who put their trust in you.  Amen.


St. Mark's is currently engaged in a search for a new rector. This timeline gives an overview of our work this past year.

August 2016 : Father Julian Eibin called as Interim Rector and begins his ministry with the congregation.

Fall 2016: 

  1. Transition Team is formed and charged with guiding the congregation through: 
  • Self study and discernment of vision, mission, and vocation
  • Search and Call
  • Support of new priest through first year of ministry

  2. Congregation explores its history

Winter 2016/2017: 

  1. Congregation completes the Congregational Assessment Tool for Holy Cow Consulting
  2. Congregational and cottage meetings held to process information
  3. Community Leaders interviewed by Transition Team to discern needs

Spring 2017: 

  1. Identity and Vocation document prepared, presented to Vestry and Congregation, and approved
  2. Website updated

Summer 2017: 

  1. Self Study completed
  2. Current Reality document prepared, presented to Vestry, and approved
  3. Vestry completes and approves three-year budget and related matters
  4. All materials presented to Diocesan Transition Officer
  5. Call for Rector posted on Diocesan website
  6. Rector Search web page updated

Fall 2017: Review of applicants and scheduling of interviews

Deadline for submission of applications is October 5, 2017.