From the Pastor

 We have been here a little over a year.  Mary and I have felt very much at home here. Thank you!

Things are moving forward as we work together at being the church.  We do so many things here at St. Mark’s that we can take our eye off the ball when it comes to being the Church.  What it all comes down to it, there is only one reason that we are here:

            “Baptize all nations…and teach them to carry out all that I have commanded you…”

The church brings people to God in Christ and brings God to people.  We are here to help each other grow in faith and be ever better Christians.  We learn from each other, and teach in a wonderful ‘give and take’ of this fellowship we call Church.

We do stand for lots of other stuff; equality, dignity of each person, acceptance of all-no exceptions, but all of that is the natural outgrowth of the faith we share.  It is that faith and growth in Christ that makes us who we are. Everything else comes as a consequence of our faith in the Lord.  First and foremost, we stand together as a people of faith!

The children are of special importance, so much so, that they need the support and teaching of the faith from their parents, grandparents and god-parents.  You all pledged your support on the day of their baptism and the church calls you to make good on your pledge.

In this year of hope and grace, I will make it my primary duty to help anyone who is interested to grow and become a better Christian, myself included.  We have a number of ideas, but can always use more!  Please let me know what you’re thinking, missing or looking for or 716-662-4418

Christianity is not and never has been a “do it yourself project”we need to do this together. I began this note saying that we had found a home here.  For us, to be at home not only means to find a welcome, but to be welcoming to all others.  SO join us, together we may find and be found by God in Christ.

Father Jack