From the Pastor

 The Michaelmas Term!

When I was a student, every year the school term began in the fall. September the 29th is the feast of Saint Michael and All Angels and so the fall term took on the name “Michaelmas Term”. Its quaint and charming and the ‘churchie’ way of saying, the start of the term.

As we begin again, we celebrated Backpacks on our students and blessed them and then celebrated with a hot dog roast and ice cream! Just before that, we were ‘mindful of others’ and filled, blessed and sent 20+ backpacks to Windom School for their students. It’s our way of helping our students to think of others.

On the adult side, we’ve changed Marty’s position to managing more of the building and program coordination. Speaking of that, we are actively offering two part time positions; Coordinator of Communications and Outreach Coordinator (job descriptions are on the this site.)

What I like most about the Michaelmas term is that fall is a time to walk in milder temperatures and seek God. Even though things are starting up, there is still time to slow life down a bit to pray and meditate.

Someone once said, “Prayer is when you talk to God and meditation is when you be quiet and let God talk to you.” As part of the fall Mosaic Dinners we will present a series on prayer and meditation. It’s the stuff of common everyday Christian life. There is even scientific evidence to say the people who meditate live longer and make better decisions. Join us!

Father Jack